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Hungary is 530 km long, 270 km wide and the total area is 93,032 km2. Thus Hungary is more than twice as large as the Netherlands.


The capital of Hungary is Budapest.

Climate/ Weather

Hungary has a continental climate. In the highest parts of the Transdanubisch Medium Mountains and the Northern Medium Mountains dominated a sub-alpine climate. Hungary has cold, wet winters and warm summers.

Country Dialing Code

The country dialing code of Hungary is +36.

Flying to Hungary

The average flight time from Amsterdam Schiphol to Budapest is 1 h. 55 min. For Siofok first fly to Budapest, then it's another hour drive to Siofok.

Food and Drinks

The local wines from Hungary are delicious, but beware of the strong drink Palinka. Hungary has many famous national dishes such as goulash. There is a competition among regional variants.


The Hungary landscape can roughly be divided into four parts: The Great Hungarian Plain, east of the Donau. The second type of landscape is that of the mountains in the north, along the border with Slovakia. This are the North Hungarian highlands, formed by foothills of the Carpathians. The highest mountain in the country, Kekes (1014 m) lies in the Mátra, to the east you can see tee Bükk mountains. West of the Donau the Pannonian plain continues in the rolling countryside of Transdanubia. Northwest of the central mountain Transdanubisch we find the Little Hungarian Plain. Hungary is completely surrounded by other countries and therefore has no coastline.


Hungary is officially called: Magyar Köztársaság = Hungarian Republic. Hungary is a parliamentary democracy. The President is the Head of State, the Prime Minister leads the government, the supreme power is vested in the parliament. Hungary has various ombudsmen appointed by parliament that gives advice to give.


For a holiday to Hungary, you do not need vaccinations. It is in Hungary not recommended to drink tap water.


Hungary has 9,958,453 (2012) inhabitants. The birth rate is falling faster than the death rate. Ethnicity is the Hungarian population is quite homogeneous. Ethnic Hungarians make 92% of the population. The largest minority are the Roma. Other minorities are the ethnic Germans, Slovaks and Croats. The other minorities, including Ruthenians, are less than 0.25% of the estimated population.


Hungarian (magyarul) is the official language of Hungary. It is a Finno-Ugric language, which has no affinity with neighboring languages​​. Older people sometimes speak German, people speak more and more in English.


The Hungarian currency is the Hungarian Forint. One euro is approx 250 forint.

Price level

Hungary is cheap compared to the Netherlands or Belgium. For 10 euros you can have a very nice dinner.


Until 1600 the people were for 90% Protestant. During and after the Counter-Reformation, many returned to the Catholic Church by the severe discrimination against the Protestant community. Approx. 64% of the Hungarian population is currently Roman Catholic. Besides Protestants there are Russian Orthodox, Serbian Orthodox, Baptist, Methodist and Unitarian faith communities. The Jewish community currently has about 100,000 members.


+0 (summer +1)


Many traffic rules in Hungary are the same as in the Netherlands, there are just some exceptions. The maximum speed is 50 km / h in built-up areas, 90 on the outer roads, 110 on 4-lane roads (without central), 130 on highways (with median). Alcohol is strictly prohibited in traffic, so that is 0! On the highways you need a vignette (Matricia). You can buy a vignette at the border or at gas stations.


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